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Help Wanted! Im terrible at fighting games! Im good at Smash Bros. and Soul Calibur, but neither of those have skill sets that transfer over to games that I want to get really good at. I realize that its probably the controller, and its certainly not doing what I want it to. I want to win, and apparently what Im inputting is Hadouken and Spin Kick (two moves I can pull off quite well, thank you very much), while the computer controlled opponent inputs blocks and parries and counters and demolishes me on the easiest difficulty. I beat Devil May Cry 3 on hard mode! I DO NOT LOSE ON EASY!!! This must stop now! If anybody has skillz in the following games, please comment, and also comment whether or not you would be willing to teach me the ropes: Street Fighter II, III, and IV BlazBlue Any SNK game Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and 3 Guilty Gear I currently stink at all of them, and Ive spent extensive time in the training modes. I can memorize button inputs (if the Xbox controller will interpret the input correctly. Seriously, when its horrible D-Pad is more accurate for me, I know Im in trouble) and mechanics, but as soon as you put an opponent in front of me, I get my rectum crushed by an easy level computer. I need a patient, assertive human to play with. I can compensate you with an ego that theres someone way worse than you.
Posted on: Fri, 09 Jan 2015 19:55:16 +0000

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