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Here are some guidelines and suggestions to ensure your home pc keeps safe (please only download these from your home pc... not here pls). 1- ensure you have an internet security package installed and update the definitions frequently. Here are a couple of recommended FREE products: - Comodo internet security download here: - AVG free download here: 2- run separate MALWARE scanners: - malwarebytes anti malware: - Superantispyware: - Spybot search & destroy: 3- Be very vigilant when receiving emails and when opening attachments & links. Remember legitimate services will not normally contact you asking you to download something or visit a website to login. These are normally phishing emails that WILL steal your credentials. Also be very careful what you read and download from the web especially applications claiming to protect you from virus/malware as an awful lot of them are actually fake and are in fact virus themselves and will infect your pc. This is what the cryptolocker virus is which is linked to the current GameOver Zeus botnet that is on the news. Only ever use safe well known security application like the ones I recommend above. Regards, Steve Titchiner – I.T. Systems Manager
Posted on: Tue, 03 Jun 2014 11:15:32 +0000

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