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Here are some of the issues that I spoke about with Mr. Dan McKay of the Albuquerque Journal last week relative to District 3 and the Southwest Quadrant of Albuquerque. 1. Sewer Stench at Yucca Drive and Central Avenue and how it must be fixed -I did not dwell too much on the details because he has access to the many letters and correspondence that this issue has created over the last 20-years. 2. Keeping the Libraries open at the Alamosa Multi-Purpose Center and the Westgate community Center after the new Library at Unser Boulevard and Central Avenue is opened. The driving force should not be money, and I pointed out that these areas have the highest number of youth/young persons in the City of Albuquerque and that Unser Boulevard and Central are very fast streets and more than likely, our children could/would not be safe crossing these streets. 3. Old Westgate Little League (WGLL) Fields are in sad sad shape, and they need to be fixed. An amount of $400,000.00 was appropriated this past spring for WGLL, but no one knows anything. Complaints from some quarters of Westgate are: No Board meeting minutes, unannounced Board meetings, same Board members all the time, etc., so …. There have also been rumors that they want to put affordable housing/apartment where the old WGLL fields are now situated, and that is why no action on rehabilitating these fields has taken place. 4. Route 66 Sector Development Plan (SDP). After the October Election, the Route 66 SDP must be taken back to square one and allow the residents of District 3 to review it and change it as they wish. 5. The City of Albuquerque Development folks are not now and never have helped improve the West Central Avenue area. The community worked for years to develop and create the West Central Avenue, Atrisco plaza Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan close to a decade ago and nothing has happened! We were to get TIF too, and that never happened. 6. Unser Crossing. Except for CVS, NOTHING. We need to boycott Lowes until they build a store there like they promised, or have them sell the land they own so that maybe we can entice, say, a Theater, or some such amenity for the benefit of the community. 7. Redo of Bridge Boulevard. Do what the residents/property owners think would benefit them. Blocking off of Bridge Boulevard just past Old Coors Road to Tower Road seems like a dumb idea, even if they dog-leg it back to Bridge Boulevard shortly after the diversion to Tower Road. Could it be that there is some shenanigans going on? That wedge of land that would be used as the dog-leg back to Bridge Boulevard has been For Sale for years now; all the traffic to and from Westgate would now pass by the new Chavez Plaza at the intersection of Tower Road and Coors Boulevard. A skunk in the woodpile!? I also mentioned two other topics near and dear to my heart that I have advocated for for years. They are: 1. The next National Cemetery that will transform the Westside in general and the Southwest Mesa specifically, which is situated at the Southeast corner of Atrisco Vista and Central Avenue. This site was one of three sites selected by the Veterans Administration for the next National Cemetery after Santa Fe. John Pena, Korean War Veteran, and I, VietNam Veteran, was asked by then Congresswomen heather Wilson to recommend a good location for such a facility. We selected 400 acres at the above site and forwarded the recommendation to the Congresswomen. The other two sites have been eliminated, so this site is the only one still available. 2. Getting’s a new Medical Company to come to Albuquerque and build a full service Hospital in the Southwest Mesa at the top of 9-mile Hill that would provide services to the Southwest Quadrant of Albuquerque.
Posted on: Sun, 29 Sep 2013 16:02:23 +0000

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