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Here are three ways to enjoy God’s love for you today: 1. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how loved you are! Here is a prayer for you to enjoy praying today: Father, Thank you that you shamelessly, unreservedly kiss me and cuddle me, no matter whether I feel dirty or clean, because I am always your highly favored child, washed in your constant good opinion of me. Thank you that you show me off to the angels in heaven, because I am your delight, and your highest priority. My beauty, dignity and worth takes your breath away: you truly have crowned me with glory and honor! Thank you that I am always your child, enveloped in the love, security, and comfort of your household. I can tangibly feel your warm opinion of me as we sit by the fireside together - The emotions of pleasure, love and delight that you feel towards me. I can smell the delicious food that you daily cook for me - your constant, attentive, thoughtful provision! I am always satisfied and never in lack. I can also hear the songs that you sing over me - Your tunes fill me with a magical sense of wonder. Thank you for all of your promises to me, and that I will see each one of them Come to pass in my life as I rest in you. Thank you that I am able to frolic with you forever, and adventure through the paradise of your kingdom: our kingdom. Thank you so much for that beautiful paradise of my inheritance, which blossoms with your grace and love, flows with your sweet provision, and is refreshed by the comfort you breathe on me when you whisper your personal promises to me. Holy Spirit of grace, thank you that I have become one with you. That you are my source, and the substance of my being. Breathe upon the garden of my soul, so that the delicious fragrances of your love, your tender mercies, and your fantastic opinion of me will cause my mind and emotions to flourish with the truth of my co-resurrection with Christ. I want to know how loved I am, Lord. Breathe on me with grace and truth. Amen. 2. Locate yourself correctly – Jesus is your perfect representative. You are IN HIM, wrapped securely in His life. Don’t define yourself by circumstances or experience, but by Jesus. As He is, so are you in this world – without difference, distance or separation (1 John 4:17). You are seated with Him in heavenly places – untouchably holy and righteous. REST in this reality and you will begin to SEE it. 3. Use your imagination to explore all of the blessings of God that His faith has provided us with. Engage your imagination in personalizing his love for you in fun, and maybe even silly, ways! God is playful and child-like!
Posted on: Sun, 28 Dec 2014 01:16:02 +0000

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