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Here goes then... 2015 is certainly not starting off in any recognisable way - as I find myself here, running against George Osborne for Tatton with the Green Party. Realise this doesnt sit well with all and I understand the reluctance of activists to engage with the very system at the heart of the troubles we face and until very recently - felt the same. BUT... after the past 4 years as an activist, witnessing incredible determination, commitment, honour, bravery and sacrifice from so many Ive encountered - I concluded that as well as aiming to create the alternatives - some of us need to be active beyond our campaigns and each other - get to the root of the problem and infest it with some of our passionate determination for better. I found the Green Party policies to be virtually in synch with all that I hope for and very similar to our Occupy Democracy demands; I also have huge respect for Natalie, so found it very easy to be Green :) Although politics is an ugly beast and I do not do this with pleasure - I do have immense curiosity and a desire to get some way into the dark mess and at least know more about the processes. Below is a plea for help with funding - horrid to ask for money but politics isnt a cheap thing (dont we know it!) - aside from the initial 500 required to even get on the ballot paper - we need to counter the propaganda of the others - so newsletters, factsheets, events etc. need to be paid for and the Green Party has a wonderful policy of NOT accepting BIG corporate donors who will want favours later - so Ive set up a account in order to raise the money and if you can help - thank you
Posted on: Mon, 05 Jan 2015 19:35:21 +0000

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