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Here is the recap from Tuesdays Board meeting and Truth in Taxation discussion. We moved the Truth in Taxation to the front of the meeting to accommodate the 40+ people that attended the meeting. The discussion was centered around the reason for the increase to the other levy on Barnums ISD#91 taxes. This was mostly related to $495,000 that had been placed on the Health and Safety levy for the Elementary schools ventilation system replacement. There is also an addition of approximately $180,000 in 50% matched state aid added that was approved last legislative session. Discussion centered around, when to invest in the school and how best to do it. 77% of our budget is wages and benefits to employees. It should be noted, during our last negotiations, the staff all took a 0% raise and have assisted us in trying to control our budget while the state was holding back our tax payments causing us to spend money. We needed to borrow to have cash flow to pay our bills. The board approved a resolution to under levy the proposed taxes by $495,000 and we will have to find another way to pay for the HVAC system to be upgraded as well as replace the 1962 Boiler at the elementary school. This will lower everyones proposed taxes for 2015 but to what level I am not sure. You will find out that answer when you get your tax statement for 2015 from the County. We then moved into the regular meeting. Congratulations to Tony Newman for completing over 100 hours of attendance at Minn. School Board Assoc. sponsored events. Congrats to Lenore Skoglund who has attended over 300 hours and has earned the Presidents Award for 2014-15. There was no public participation outside of the TNT portion of the meeting. A special meeting was set for January 12th at 5:30 pm to reorganize the board and officers. Mr. Kazmierczaks report: Students of the month were as follows- Dakotah Haley, Miranda Svacina, Tim Sylvester, Hannah Warpula, Cole Kalli, Reece Parks, Rachael Barnes, Noah Unkelhaeuser, Layna Towery, Bradlee Pearson, Faith Blomquist and Isaiah Bailey. Congrats to those students and thank you to Chick-a-dee and McDonalds for their sponsorship of the Student of the month. Missing assignments are lower then they were last year. Testing was completed, the PLAN and OLPA tests were taken. There will be tutoring support, this is available to all students and should be set up through the counselors office. Mr. Cawcutts report: Conference attendance at the BES was 96%. OLPA test will be done in mid-January. All MCA testing will be done online this year. Staff is working on changing over and using the FAST assessments for benchmarking and progress monitoring. Community Ed reported that Senator Tony Laurey was present at the school and its Begindergarden class and read a story to the kids. School readiness is showing very positive data on getting our young students ready for Kindergarden. Before and after school programs are still running strong in attendance. Consent agenda brief recap: 1. approve the hiring of Rachael Holsbeck Elem. paraprofessional 2. approve the hiring of Brandon Anderson 2014 Holiday Play Student Director. 3. approve the resignation of Jim Haley Bus driver 4. approve the hiring of Jill Litfin Head Girls Track Coach 5. approve the hiring of Daimen LaFave Head Boys Track Coach. 6. approve the resignation of Jacob Grimm playground supervisor Individual action items: 1. Received an update on the MSBA Delegate Assembly from our Representative- Tony Newman 2. Approved the resolution in support Requiring the Govenor to appoint a Director over the School Trust Lands. Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday January 20th, 2015. Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa or whatever tradition you celebrate over the Holidays. I hope you have a great 2015! Thanks for reading and enjoy your family time. Break will be December 24-January 4th. Paul
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