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Heres a bit about Chai and what is so great about it! Ill be adding bits and pieces here and there about the health benefits of the different spices, so stay tuned. Oh & sorry but a bit of a delay on my website but I assure you, its coming soon. Chai simply means “Tea”, but there is nothing simple about this aromatic spicy concoction that has become popular everywhere. For centuries Chai was used in Eastern medicine to cure many ailments and strengthen the immune system. Now we drink it because it’s ……… Well, someone described Chai as “A warm hug from the inside”! On a cold winter night, there’s nothing like snuggling up with this gorgeous, aromatic, spicy drink. I was introduced to Chai about five years ago and I became a bit obsessed with coming up with my own blend that didn’t have sugar in it or a sugar substitute. Traditionally, Chai is sweetened with honey but I prefer my Chai, Tea and Coffee without any sugar at all. I prefer the full flavor without anything detracting from it. That doesn’t mean you can’t have yours sweetened, if you prefer, but I don’t add any to my blends. Chai is to be enjoyed and if you prefer yours sweet, then by all means add some honey or sugar So, what’s in Chai and what is so good about it ???? Firstly, there are countless varieties of Chai out there. As I’ve said above, my blends don’t have any sugar or sugar alternatives and they are all natural without any preservatives.
Posted on: Tue, 26 Nov 2013 07:15:32 +0000

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