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Heres a question. Hypothetical. Purely on what the psychological affect a Woman in Arms movement would have on our society. Purely sociological candy crushing. Lets just assume ALL WOMEN walked around like trained assassins...(like my girls one day lol).... intelligently trained and packing, walking amongst us.... going about their daily business...... engineers, lawyers, nurses, yoga instructors. How would that idea change the way we treat women? What would it do to a society that is dealing with rape culture. Assuming that intelligent women get sick of all of the bullshit and start fighting back by equipping themselves (their girls/sisters/girlfriends) properly instead of avoiding certain clothes or places or times of night or language or professions or schools or apartments or person they sit next to on the train. MMA, responsible gun handling, various assassin techniques ......perhaps, a bad ass summer bootcamp nestled in the serene and peaceful Adirondacks. Girl Scout Camp on steroids. Yoga and Namaste at night and a bouquet of human bone crushing techniques coupled with advanced combat and marksmanship training during the day. How cool would the patches be?! Schools teaming with lots and lots of little killing machines in to be whatever they want to be. No fear. Okay, Im a bit on sarcastic overload right now but its an interesting concept....the thought of just how much impact an IDEA has on the masses (because it does) and the idea is provocative. Ideas DO have an impact on society, sometimes regardless of their validity. How would the mass knowledge of the majority of women walking around with these skills and tools affect our patriarchy, our empowerment, and impact our laws ?
Posted on: Thu, 20 Nov 2014 04:42:56 +0000

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