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Heres how indoctrination works: Right winger neocon ultra nationalists who worship the military death cult and government automatically label anyone who opposes the American Sniper propaganda as liberal, commie, democrat America haters!... yes, they live in a carefully crafted (by the system) box of left and right only. They cannot think any other way than this as it is beyond their intellectual capacity to do so. Here is a brief fact about us Christian truthers for all of you who think we are liberal scum because we expose lies and propaganda for exactly what they are: We despise, oppose, and detest BOTH engineered and mental indoctrinating political parties and the ideologies that accompany them as they both serve the same agenda in the end which is either corporate or government dictation. GOD and HIS statutes is our government, not a piece of paper that is never adhered to or is amended and altered (butchered) to taste by BOTH ideological parties in power to suit whatever agendas of theft, corruption, greed, and power structuring they have at the time. We believe in the TRUTH and nothing else and we believe in a voluntaryist system, with God and His statutes as the head of that system and those statutes as the moral basis and foundation of rule and a system of enforcement of those rules by the people of their communities, not courts, judges, police, etc.... not a government of failed political and moral ideologies, philosophies, and doctrines of men enforced by the STATE. We believe in TRUE free market, not a free market that is controlled and dictated by banks, corporations, the satanic stock market SCAM, and protected by the government and manipulated by the Rothschild owned USURY temple of the Federal Reserve. We believe in a free, voluntaryist organized Militia for defense of the land and people that adheres to Godly Christian morals and rules, not a giant, CORRUPT Federal government dictated and controlled military industrial complex that is used as muscle for the immoral, unjust, illegal, and most of all evil power structuring, resource stealing, and EMPIRE building wars based on lies... wars concocted through fear mongering and acts of terror, murder, and treason against and of the American people BY the American government (9/11, for example)... wars of the satanic and immoral elites whos ultimate goal is a totalitarian one world government police state. So, yes. We ARE anti-government and anti-military industrial complex. No, we dont hate the troops or hate America, we simply hate the government and system of America. If you cant handle the truth, its because you suffer from indoctrination and brainwashing influence through propaganda like that of American Sniper, Fox News, neocon talk radio, and the numerous patriot and other right wing pro Military industrial complex pages on social media, and you also suffer from severe cognitive dissonance which is why you reject and refuse the truths I and others reveal and the lies and corruptions we expose. God Bless.
Posted on: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 21:50:19 +0000

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