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Heres my great stock tip of the month for all of you stock pickers and flippers out there... this is a very good one...very good idea to get you some of this one! .... Why Cramer Likes Chart Industries Chart Industries [GTLS 66.34 -0.64 (-0.96%) ] makes storage tanks needed to transport liquefied natural gas, as well as the engine tanks for heavy-duty, natural gas-powered trucks. Lately, Cramer has been talking a lot about how the U.S. is getting ever closer to using natural gas as a transportation fuel on a wide scale. After all, TravelCenters of America [TA 5.01 -0.03 (-0.6%) ] recently entered into an agreement to build a network of 200 natural gas fueling lanes in at least 100 TravelCenter gas stations along the U.S. Interstate Highway System. Other Travel Centers will certainly follow their lead. Additionally, several major fuel suppliers - Shell and BP, most notably, have committed to drastically ramping up production of Natural Gas and are already existing buyers of Chart Tanks... bottom line? ... Increased Natural Gas production over the next 5 years and use will require an estimated 25,000+ holding tanks of all shapes and sizes just for the USA alone! (remember this when I mention the GLOBAL LNG usage increase in the next paragraph) Chart is the go-to company for high quality high performance tanks and the myriad of accessories and equipment that go along with them and a well earned sterling reputation of quality customer service. Chart Industries CEO Sam Thomas was the guest of “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer and the top executive spoke with Cramer about the growing global demand for liquefied natural gas, as well as the numerous LNG facilities that his company is building overseas...The icing on this cake is that chart is an established global company and the increase in the use of natural gas will not just be a USA increase.. it will be global.... Look to see Chart Stock increase steadily in value over the 2-3 years with my prediction being that it will at least double in value to $135 or better from todays current price of $66 sometime before 2019. Link to Jim Cramer s show and Video clip about Chart is below... copy n paste to view .... cnbc/id/47774049
Posted on: Fri, 11 Jul 2014 15:38:39 +0000

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