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Hes been gone for 5 years as of yesterday, but recently my fathers farming partner contacted me and said he still had Dads old handmade stock trailer and wanted to know if I would come pick it up. I didnt even know he had it, and told him I figured Dad would want him to have it since it had been there so long. He wanted me to come get it, so I did. The sassafras sideboards were still in pretty good shape considering they had been in the weather for about 30 years, but the oak floor was rotted out. I removed the sideboards and stripped the trailer of everything but the frame. Im having memorial ink pens to give to the family and his farming partner, and a segmented bowl to give to my mother out of the sassafras sideboards. The pens are done, and they are beautiful! Ill post a pic of them and the bowl when its done also. It means something to have things of beauty made out of something so old and personal. I will be saving as much of the material as I can to make frames and other things later, the material is as valuable to me as planks from the Ryman are to Country music. Thank you for everything, Dad; you are still leaving things for us even after youve been gone so long. Lesson to be carried from this. Just like the weathered wood that many people would throw away or burn, even when our lives and things around us look useless and worn out, if you take away the ugliness and look for the beauty still contained deep within, you can leave something of beauty behind for others to cherish and enjoy.
Posted on: Sat, 01 Nov 2014 00:42:52 +0000

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