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Hey all, Ive decided to break my Facebook fast, with a bit of news. I just came across this on YT, not sure how/why I came across it, but Im sure glad I did. Doing some preliminary Google-fooing, it seems that there is a website getting drafted to petition funding for him and getting reconstructive surgery done(link to website is below). As Thanksgiving is coming up here in the USA this next week, we are wise to give pause for the basic necessities we usually take for granted: clothing, food, shelter, family(that actually cares for us), etc... While were living the dream, this guy has been living what most of us would consider the ultimate nightmare... At first sight, he might seem scary. But as I watched this for the first time(I had to watch it twice, as painful as it was to watch), I cant even begin to understand what pain hes been put through. But as those of us who gather around the table to break bread(and everyone worldwide, really), give thanks for the good life were living, lets take a minute, and give some serious thought to those of us in this world who REALLY have it tough. youtu.be/d3OOrVY9mUA website(not yet live, as of my posting this): helporemonyango.org/ Facebook page: https://facebook/HelpOremOnyango over and out, Dan
Posted on: Sat, 22 Nov 2014 18:21:47 +0000

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