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Hi Everyone, Quantum mechanics, as many of you know, presents a deep puzzle: We can use the theory to make predictions about the microworld and experiments confirm these predictions to the highest precision available. Yet physicists still do not agree on the nature of reality as described by quantum mechanics. This quandary is crystallized in the so-called quantum measurement problem: how do we navigate from the fuzzy probabilisitic quantum description given by the math to the sharp definite reality of everyday experience? The video below, from the World Science Festival program Measure for Measure takes on this question from four perspectives, represented by four leading thinkers: David Albert, Sean Carroll, Shelly Goldstein and Ruediger Schack. Youll hear about the many worlds approach, Bohmian mechanics, dynamical collapse and something called Qbism -- each described by a proponent and criticized by detractors. You wont find the final answer because there is no agreement yet. But you will get a good feel for the state of the art. To kick off the program, I give a 15 minute mini lecture on the essential background of quantum physics and the measurement problem necessary to understand the rest of the discussion. Happy to hear your thoughts. --BG
Posted on: Wed, 25 Jun 2014 18:47:37 +0000

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