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Hi, Friends the below is an extract taken from the Kent’s lectures chapter I page no 19 : “You will find many people who will say, “I am sick.” They will enumerate pages of symptoms, pages of sufferings. They look sick. But they tell you, “I have been to most eminent physicians. I have had my chest examined. I have been to the neurologist. I have been to the cardiac specialist and have my heart examined. The eye specialist has examined my eyes. I have been to the gynecologist and have had my uterus examined.” Says the woman.” I have been physically examined from head to foot, and they tell me that I am not sick, I have no disease.”…………………. Now , many of us make feel all these as undigested theoretical knowledge (as someone had pointed out to me), which does not have any practical importance and in real practice we do not get to see or experience a patient saying similar things…. Yes? Have a listen to this(only for those who understands hindi) : picosong/4ZJb/ (sorry for the poor audio quality as it was not a scheduled recording..just got it by chance) Have you observed the patient saying as to how many times he has undergone the tests and how they say it was all normal. Not included in this but in the full version the patient also goes on to say that when he visited a cardiologist this is what his opinion was “ Tu mera patient hai hi nahi, jo paise yehan mere paas karch kar raha hai, wo apne khane peene mein karch kar” This I had recorded a patient saying few months back and what I have quoted above was written years back… Friends not just this but everything that has been explained by our masters holds true and we do get a chance to observe them too in our practice, provided you have an unprejudiced mind , sound knowledge and keen observation. I got so passionate only because I have witnessed all these theories, principles and observations coming true in my patients. Look at the similarity of what is quoted above and what this patient had to say…… isn’t it so wonderful, exciting and interesting guys? I really feel surprised when many people say you have to think beyond your bookish knowledge and when treating a real patient these theoretical things doesn’t work as we have to concentrate only on curing the patient by whatever means…. But the very first and second aphorisms teach us as to what should be our aim and what ideal cure is. These people who make such excuses are under the illusion that removing the physical symptoms is what cure is all about and to accomplish that they adopt whatever means possible..Rightly called as Mongrel sects by our master. Once again those who are still ready to discard their prejudices and wish to start a fresh please join us : https://facebook/groups/317211858459790/ We shall show you how interesting and exciting it is ….to learn this wonderful art.
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