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Hi, My name is John Henry Whitehead. Im an aspiring entrepreneur and this is my story. Not too long ago, my daughter came home complaining that she had to do a report on Black History - but, all the good ones were taken (i.e. the Obama’s, Dr. King, that guy who invented the peanut). I explained to her that; 1) Dr. George Washington Carver, obviously, did not invent the peanut but made over 300 innovations with it and 2) There are countless African Americans who have made significant contributions throughout history - and today. To prove my point, I searched online and offline for a daily calendar depicting traditional AND contemporary heroes - I found none. So, I (finally) put my communications degree to use and soon the History Our Way Calendar™ was born. My daughter is not alone. Many African Americans, among others, are unaware of little-known past or present-day successes beyond the traditional men and women of history. Classroom curricula sorely lack modern examples. In the media we find only endless If it bleeds - it leads accounts of shootings and violence in African American communities or shameful displays of men on morning talk shows moonwalking/break-dancing/twerking because they are NOT the father. The only visible successes are in hip-hop, sports or on the Housewives of this or that - this has to change. The History Our Way Calendar project does just that. From Selma to Ferguson; from teenage entrepreneurs starting million dollar tech companies in their bedrooms to the first all-female, African American flight crew making history high in the skies - the 2015 History Our Way™ Calendar is chock full of 365 days of facts, quips, and quotes on health, business, education, pop culture, trivia and more! My personal goal is to bring positive cultural awareness, education and enlightenment to millions of homes, schools and communities across America. All said - I need help promoting this project. Anything that you could do would be appreciated. Please contact me @ 312.715.7160. I am available for your call 24/7. You can help make this happen Thanks! John Henry Whitehead HistoryOurWay gofundme/HistoryOurWay
Posted on: Fri, 09 Jan 2015 20:58:53 +0000

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