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Hi everyone, I am a SAHM with two girls ages 5 and 2. Ive been to college twice and have earned two diplomas in bookkeeping/accounting and fitness/nutrition. But after completing school I still found it hard to leave my girls for a career. I felt like I was choosing to have my girls raised by someone else and thought if I went to work I would be missing out on a crucial time in there lives. So one day I found my answer, working from home. Theres so many opportunities out there but I wanted something life changing, something that would make a difference. I am now self-employed, partnered with The Wellness Company that is teaching me how to make a difference in other peoples lives as well as my own, not only am I receiving reliable income I am building a future where I wont ever have to leave home to go to a job that Ill be working for someone else but Im home for the crucial moments in my girls lives which is most important. Since joining the WAH I have come across many opportunities but never coming across legitimate companies that pay what we are worth. Long story short I want to inspire other people to do the same. We are in the 21st century where two incomes in a household are mandatory for a stable life. Id like to show you how I over came this being a single stay at home mom and one income :) Please comment/ inbox me. Thanks for your time! Jess
Posted on: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 00:22:15 +0000

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