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Hi, my dear friends. I am a simple girl Kam, work in oil and gas sector as a local content adviser, and one of my hobbies among writing, travelling and reading is singing (composing lyrics and melodies also)... I have composed a song Apple city about my favorite city Almaty, Kazakhstan. Our country is a heart of Central Asia, was a part of USSR before 1991. Almaty is a dynamic, and modern city, and unusual interesting people surrounds you around... Why the song is in English but not in Kazakh? Simply because my dream is to show Almaty to all of you and English language is one of the most popular languages. According to statistical data 1.5 milliard of people knows English and another 1 milliard is studying it. Yes I have some Russian accent but I guess you will understand that for a person who never lived abroad it is natural to have it and will be more loyal... Please support my dream... watch it and in case if you like it I would be happy to receive likes and nice comments, reposts and etc.. (would be nice if you will do it in youtube dear dear friends)... https://youtube/watch?v=e7wbMVUw9Mg
Posted on: Thu, 25 Sep 2014 11:42:48 +0000

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