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Hi, :) my name is Mr. DUPPY! Yea, I am for real :O ! And below this is my vivid Biography of how I lived my life before I died. I need you, my Friends to read and Like as much as possible. (Y) I need to score a mark high enough to impress my Teacher, Professor DEATH! My lifestyle is going to be in the form of a presentation and as I said before, I need to score very high marks on it. You, my readers are the ones to make it happen. Like my presentation as much as possible and Mr. DEATH will relieve me again (I will be able to live again). I really hope I score a pass mark!!!!!!! PRESENTATION: I was born at Belview. I became mad at Dovecot Memorial Gardens where I watched all my relatives go down 1 by 1. I lived at the Kingston Public Hospital. I graduated from the Tanayaad Primary School and couple years later, the StayHome College for Dunce! After graduating I applied for fire-arm engineering at the Robbery & Criminal institution. I died at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital at 50 years old and was later buried in my House! Thank You!
Posted on: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 02:26:15 +0000

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