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Hmm.. I wonder if people arguing over ACA (Obamacare)actually know the difference between the forms of Universal Health Care? I have NO interest in politics because both sides have their own agendas. But lets talk like grown-ups. For starters, theres FREE and then theres AFFORDABLE. Affordable means YOU pay for it.. FREE means the Govt. pays for it. Now, the reported GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of this country was worth $15,684.80 Billion in 2012 [source: tradingeconomics] The ACA has a net cost of $1.36 Trillion by 2023 [Source: obamacarefacts] THAT MEANS.. IF the US was to cut its military budget by a little more than (roughly) a $1Billion for the next 10 years, they could EASILY pay for healthcare. I heard the Wars in Iraq/Afghanistan were OVER.. so theres your military budget cuts. How MUCH is 1 Billion? The Govt. Shutdown cost $24 Billion ..but that was for 2 WEEKS!. So in lawmans terms.. the amount of money the gov. spends each month could pay for FREE heath-care for every single person in this country.. now ask WHY thats not being done? What you DO see is more insurance commercials on TV don you? Yet what you see/hear are people arguing over their political loyalties and most have NO clue how economics/govt. spending works.. {sigh}
Posted on: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 23:58:52 +0000

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