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How Emotion Beats Logic Every Time When Failure Occurs Have you ever noticed when an athlete fails at something (drops the ball, misses the tackle, commits a penalty, gives away a turnover, etc.) that the announcers dwell on how poorly the athlete made that play? Failure is a learning tool. But, the important point isnt just that failure is a learning tool, rather that emotion will beat logic every time as a learning tool when failure happens, especially in business. How so? Take for example, Max Sackheim. Max was a brilliant ad writer way before his time. He wrote an ad 80-some years ago for Sherwin Cody School of English, Do You Make These Mistakes In English? that targeted immigrants coming into the US. The ad ran for more than 40 years, and Max made buckets of cash because of it. Moreover, it was his unique selling concept, The Book Of The Month Club, that has so many companies successful today when the internet came along and produced e-commerce. So, why was the English ad so successful for so many years? Max appealed to the immigrants emotions when they failed at their English. In the ad, he would say, Do you do... this or that? And, as immigrants read the ad or had someone read it to them, they would remark, Yes, I do do that, implying that they failed at something with their English. Additionally, Max would then give them a taste of how he could help them, Only 15 minutes a day required to improve your speech and writing. If an immigrant felt as if, Hey, I can do this. My English will get better. Ill gladly pay the price to do so. Heres how this one ad can help you: As a sales professional, if you tailor your conversation or presentation to target your customers emotions, and then give them a way to solve their problem, your customer will buy from you. Its the classic: Problem, Agitate, Solution (PAS). Simply following the PAS formula, you will become a better presenter to your customers. Leave a comment below, and have a great day! Sean Harding PS - Order your copy of Conversational Income now to start helping your customers solve their problems by clicking the LeadPages tab below the banner at the top of the page.
Posted on: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 15:08:56 +0000

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