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How do you keep plants warm enough in the winter months? ***Our customers use a number of different ways to accomplish this. First, your Solar Gem Greenhouse is going to make the most out of whatever sunlight you have and generate a very surprising amount of heat even in the dead of winter, AND KEEPS THAT WARMTH IN because there are no seams, no joints, and no gaps that are inherent to all the do-it-yourself, built-it-yourself kit greenhouses on the market. But at night, or on very cold winter days, many of our Solar Gem owners use a small ceramic space heater, heat lamps, or propagation pads (kind of like heating pads that you place your plants atop) plugged in a Thermo Cube (see our online store for details) for needed extra warmth. Another trick is to keep a few barrels (or Rubbermaid-like plastic trash cans) filled with water inside your greenhouse during the winter months. The presence of water in this quantity keeps the interior notably warmer than without, and lowers the temperature needed for the air inside to freeze. And freezing air is the enemy of plants. One of the other bonuses you get with a Solar Gem is the vastly superior insulation value that 1/8 inch rigid fiberglass offers you versus other glass or plastic materials that many other greenhouse products are made with. Better heat retention = warmer interior! In sum, there is no other greenhouse made anywhere that naturally generates as much heat as ours do in the cooler months and keep that heat in than a Solar Gem. Period.
Posted on: Mon, 03 Nov 2014 15:32:12 +0000

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