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How were you punished at school? Lynn Williams It was a bit different in my day, we had a Smoking Stick. Bent over a desk for six strokes of the cane across my backside!!! It didnt half sting! Debra Arkwell - 1968 Bains - Remember how he used to bend you over his desk and make you face the class and humiliate you. If you heard the keys rattle you knew you were about to get whacked! Anne Beverley Mr. Patricks Slipper Does anyone else remember the day Linda Wainwright got the Slipper off Mr Patrick? He made her lean over the desk and he really whacked her with it!! Eric F Mrs Steel -- As I recall, very attractive, very fit and highly skilled with a slipper. Punishment: 1. Make miscreant bend over at one end of the classroom. 2. Go to the other end of the room. 3. Take a running swipe at the poor unfortunates backside - OUCH! No doubt I deserved it (at least, I dont recall ever having copped it without good reason!). Doris Jean Pearce Mr. Major, liked to give the slipper to the girls. Used to say bend over the desk and then slippered us, well some of us, well usually me 1962 Mr. Jennings, the most embarrassing moment of my life????When he made me bend over in the gym in front of 2 class loads of boys and gave me the slipper - what had done wrong??? NOTHING!!! Georgina Nelhams cane i had many canes from mrs salter, you had to touch your toes and she would touch your bum with her cane and take two steps back then come at you as tho she was playing hockey David Smith 1988 Mrs Rogers (Library) She gave me the slipper along with Gary Hatfield once, but first threatened to have Mr Smith carry out the task - fortunately he wasn’t available so when asked to bend over so Mrs Rogers could perform the task I always remember seeing her running from between my legs to get a better swing with that black training shoe - I think it hurt a bit, but Gary laughed at her! Vivien Blenkinsop - 1969 Mr. Murray - Geography Teacher - Occupied the room opposite to Mr. Borwells. He left the teaching profession to become a long distance lorry driver. I had a great crush on him. I loved Geography but not my best subject. Also I had quite a love/hate relationship with this teacher. North/East/South or West was his favourite saying. We never knew which way our backside was going to be pointing for the slipper, and since I was not good at Geography, so it was never facing the right way. That was usually facing the class. William Walsh Mrs Thompson. Made you bend over the desk for a whack with the cane. Linda Stoneman I remember being bent over Ma Nicks desk and given 6 of the best and she confiscated 10 no.6 from me which she returned the day I left school, Steve Foulstone Miss Dunford (Spitfire) she once put me over a desk and gave me a good spanking in front of the whole class. I was being a rather naughty boy at the time! Melanie Thompson He took us for one lesson and my mate who was only 5 stone wet through actually spoke when he was talking, lets say she would not have done it again if the opportunity had arose. Mr Pacey ordered her to the front of the class asked her to bend over and gave her a right crack on the back side...she didnt speak for the rest of the lesson though! Susan Evans I remember getting the slipper at school and it was horrible. Not only did it really hurt, but also it was also extremely embarrassing having to bend over for it in front of the class, and then having to sit back at your desk, trying to get on with your work whilst trying your best not to cry in front of your mates. I was so happy when they banned it. Bev Greenwood Punishment! I remember very, very clearly being summoned to the Staff room in 1952 for a wee spot of Mr Riding`s punishment,( for locking a heap of the 1st Formers in the Boiler Room!) It was a well deserved ministration,....Mr Riding made me touch my toes whilst massaging my rear end with a cane! ...wouldn`t a lot of the recalcitrent youth of today benefit from that type of corrective guidance? Mike 6 of the best across the backside Mrs Mc Manus - kept telling us her uncle was the wrestler.. Wendy Mr. Jenkinson how good was he every time u lost the quiz he caned ya he use say bend over and watch the birdie, the wooden bird he had hanging from ceiling, he caned me once jus because i had me tongue out, it use hang out in the corner of me mouth whilst i were drawing, Elizabeth Whitworth Ms Batley. French teacher belted me twice over her desk with a rubber shoe sole Mark Humphreys Miss Lewis Well, it was bugger the Geography theory each lesson, more down to the assessment of the short skirt and high boots! It was a pleasure being naughty as you had to bend over and get whacked with the ruler - I dont suppose Miss Lewis would be so forthcoming 21 years on!! Lesley Trembath How could I forget Miss Foster. She made me bend down and touch my toes before she wacked my backside for not doing my homework. It didnt do wonders, I still hate maths Linda Nagle Mrs Gordon (Cookery) Anyone else out there remember wee Mrs Gordon. She wasnt very big but oh, did she strike terror in the hearts of the biggest in the school. I remember her putting boys over her desk and smacking their backsides
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