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I’m Not Your Average Bootcamp… As an expert trainer for the last 20 years, I’ve designed a comprehensive system that enables both muscle growth and fat loss. Most bootcamps are cardio driven. For example, a main component is running at a steady rate on a treadmill, or basic agility training, and endless baby weight training. This does not burn fat or build muscle effectively. Due to inexperience, most trainers fail to provide an effective, result-driven routine that will deliver effective long-lasting results, therefore preventing their clients from achieving their goals quickly and efficiently using this method. Heavy lifting has been the trend of fitness for years, but there is a distinct difference from the type of lifting that body builders do and the type of lifting that is most effective in a bootcamp setting. Two studies, one in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition (March 2000 European Journal) and the other published in the Journal of Applied Physiology in (March 2002 European Journal) both proved a significant after-burn effect from compound heavy weight training on fat loss. Unlike the type of heavy lifting that body builders do, this high intensity training included less than a minute of rest between sets. These findings provided the basis of my result-driven program that combines compound heavy weight training and intense cardio to create specific results. There was yet another astonishing discovery. As evidenced by a result of these studies, women demonstrated the ability to be able to elevate their fat burning metabolism by 60% for 16 hours following the workout, whereas men still had a 19% elevated fat burn level after 48 hours. Generally, heavy weight training is the most effective way to create the metabolic conditioning that creates fat loss. These programs are designed around compound movements. The most effective exercises are the chest press, rows, pull-overs, and squats. My advice is to stop with the average treadmill light weight bootcamps . If you have any questions about this method of training, I encourage you to come in a take a private training session or come to my The Max Phoenix Effect. maxphoenixfitness/bootcamp/
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