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I Just Mailed This Sunday Afternoon ! Will I Get An Answer ???? Is This Not The Same Officer That Threatened Me In My Own Driveway - goo.gl/hyn5iB Richard Wingert 12:50 PM (33 minutes ago) to Miller Co MO Detective Michael Rayhart Michael Rayhart [email protected] My PI citizensinvestigator.,Greg Miller [email protected] Caption Of Mo St. Highway Patrol (greg.k.smith,) greg.k.smith [email protected] Barack Obama The President President Barack Obama [email protected] redhead2195757 goo.gl/hyn5iB I Can Call The Miller Co Sheriff Dept For An Ambulance When I Was Bleeding It Never Came. I Drove Myself To The Hospital In The Middle Of The Night -- goo.gl/yChcnY From My Sister Beating My Or Stabbing me goo.gl/eyQJe0 OR When My Sister Beat Me? I Was On My Knees Picking Up Tools After Being At Her House for 3 hours moving HER Furniture & Hanging HER Pictures Then When Brenda Hoffman Called Thats When She Struck Me In The Back Of The Neck Causing Spinal-Cord Damage goo.gl/rcWffw Or When I Had Been Stabbed I Called The Sheriff Dept But They Never Showed Up Like Dozens Of Times Before goo.gl/85dHon goo.gl/eyQJe0 Or When My Neighbor Turned His Doberman Loose On Me For The Third Time bambuser/v/4035824 Or When My Sister Told Your Officers I Had Not Gotten My Cars & Other Materials Of Her Property ? This Property IE Cars & Metal. It Was NOT MINE It HAD BEEN SOLD! goo.gl/vGxRHF I Have the Signed Witnessed Notarized Documents To Prove. It ( It Was Notarized By Dannie Pendeltons Wife At Citizens Bank The Previous November) bambuser/v/4241404 goo.gl/mjvq65 goo.gl/THZoFp goo.gl/vGxRHF Ok Miller County Said They Had Taken Reports And It Had Been Filed And Taken Care Of - https://youtube/watch?v=TnJDWpIttAI Well OK I NEED THE DOCUMENTATION !!! WHERE YOU INVESTIGATED IT WHO INVESTIGATED IT They Investigated Well Who They Spoke To & What Their Reply Was ? I Was Told By You Mr. Rayhart There Was No Merit To It, Well Ok. Why Was Their No Merit To It I Had To Hire A Very Reputable Private Investigator/Investigative Reporter To Prove What I Have Been Saying for over 25 or 30 years. I Have PROOF ER Documents (I Had Warfarin same thing as decon) goo.gl/PwX6uB goo.gl/ZjGqo4 Mom & Dab Died On The Same Day In The Same Month Not To The Hour But To The Same Moment Of The Hour 3:13 AM 22 years apart I Called & Reported This ( Before The Coroner Arrived) My Sister Said She Could Not See Him Suffer No More and She Had Held A Pillow over His Face Like She Did Moms! And When I Questioned/Protested to Her For What She Had Just Done Her Reply Was Well It Was At The Same Time of The Day I Was Born. REMEMBER I Had Told People BEFORE The Coroner Arrived goo.gl/DjTH2Y goo.gl/DRB0qT goo.gl/DjCMfo TI Has Been Over A Year & I AmStillawait Your Answer! Let Me KNOW WHO I MUST CONTACT TO GET AN ANSWER FROM YOU Or The Sheriff Or His Department
Posted on: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 14:19:41 +0000

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