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I am about to burst like a bubble. No, I am not talking about my head bursting due to stress. I am talking about my belly that seems to be blowing out of proportions, literally! I wasnt always fat, but now that my body has inflated just like my ego, I am forced to wonder how I am going to lose these kilograms again. I have always been a lazy bum. That laziness has grown to the extent that even a risk of possible heart problems is not enough to push me to exercise. Primarily because my life has very little free time, because I keep running around all day. When I have some free time I sit down and start to write. My mind is getting more exercise than my body, and while that could make my name immortal, my mortal life could end sooner than is the norm. I am writing this down here as a pressure building tactic on myself, so that I exercise and get fitter, hoping that a public proclamation would induce a fear of embarrassment should I continue to be lazy. I will report my next experiences here after one month. Lets see how this social experiment goes. ~ Abhijit
Posted on: Tue, 26 Aug 2014 02:04:25 +0000

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