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I am looking for People that know Friends and Family that were with Lia Sophia. I am also in search of Lia Sophia Advisors that are on the Fence, and are still looking for that PERFECT Opportunity! We just revealed Game Changing NEWS, and the Time to Join MIALISIA is NOW, before the Joining Frenzy Happens!! I am looking for ANYONE that wants to Help REVOLUTIONIZE the Jewelry. and Fashion Industry, and CHANGE the way that women wear Jewelry! Mialisia WILL do this because of our Extraordinary, Patent Patent-Pending Concept, that no one can Duplicate!! This opportunity is like no other, and YOU can be involved in the very BEGINNING!!! Please take a Minute to Watch this Video, on our Amazing Founder, Annelise Browns Story, and HOW Mialisia was Born! I have had the privilege to spend time with our Founder, and CEO, Annelise Brown, Multiple times! Shes one of the Sweetest, Most caring, Amazing, Genuine, Fun, and Down to Earth Person, that you will ever have the Opportunity to meet! I Love my MIALISIA Career, and this is Truly an Opportunity, for a LIFETIME!!! If you know of Anyone that could Benefit from this Life Changing Opportunity, please have them contact me as soon as possible. I would greatly appreciate it if you would share this post. I am in the process of setting up Interviews, now. #liasophia #mialisia #groundfloor #earlylaunch #patentpending #jewelry https://youtube/watch?v=zGN5Z5_MAac (315) 200-9901 Mialisia VersaStyle Jewelry w/ Sarah Pease sarahsparkles.mialisia Email:[email protected]
Posted on: Wed, 07 Jan 2015 15:08:26 +0000

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