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I am sending out a plea to you all Please as the weather gets bitter cold please check neighboroughs to see if they are safe.Having had the worse experience i think of my life i know a little of what being scared means ..we keep our freezer in our summerhouse (shed)i was going down yesterday afternoon when i slipped on the ice my leg went under me and down i went i was in so much pain but the thing was i was unable to move and lay there freezing shouting help for 30 minutes without anyone hearing me.I can assure you i was so scared after lying there i dragged myself to the house it took me nearly another 30 minutes.As Del was in bed with Flu i could not wake him and i was able to get to the phone ,i am badle bruised and broke my big toe but nothing damatic thank god.But it taught me a huge lesson and that is why i am sharing this not for you to feel sorry for me but to look out for neighboroughs who my fall or be cold anything ...Please just take a few minutes to check .i Know we all live busy lifes but ten minutes could mean so much thank you for reading
Posted on: Sun, 14 Dec 2014 17:54:12 +0000

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