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I bought a new laptop. Therefore, my old one is for sale! It is an Acer Aspire 7741-6445. Intel Core i3-380M (2.53Ghz, 3mb L3 cache) Intel HD graphics 17.3 HD (1600x900) widescreen LED LCD 4GB DDR3 RAM 250GB hard drive DVD multi writer Wifi Card Reader HDMI and d-sub video out. Caveats: -The screen has two minor flaws that appear as barely noticeable lines towards the center left. These could be removed by an enterprising person who doesnt mind taking the screen apart. In real world use, I rarely noticed them. -Comes with Windows 7 Home Premium, if this download finishes any time soon. I can offer Windows 8/8.1 Core, if I can find some installation media! Stupid Microsoft... -Im keeping the 500GB HD and the Blu-Ray drive that came with it. Im willing to include both, for a little extra ;) If you make it sweet enough, Ill include a hard drive caddy for the optical drive bay so you can run both HDDs at once. -I also have a 2GB SD card you can use for ReadyBoost if you ask me really nice. -- If you want the Blu-ray drive, be advised that I do NOT have any of the OEM software that came with it. That means you may not be able to watch Blu-ray movies without buying 3rd party software or jumping through a few hoops with VLC.
Posted on: Sat, 15 Mar 2014 03:35:00 +0000

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