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I call upon all of you on Mother’s Day! All practitioners of the Sacred Art of Magic no matter what your tradition! At 3 o’clock in the afternoon EDT, where ever you may be at the hour of the Sun, we call on Sol Invictus, the Invincible Sun, to create a Spiritual and Magical bridge between this world, the Cosmos, and all the Ancestors! To create a peaceful energy force that will cross over all the Globe; that war will stop, that the children in Nigeria will be returned and that the Heart of all Humanity will be brought together for World Peace. What greater day than Mother’s Day to stand with your husbands, your lovers, your significant others, your loved ones; wife to wife, husband to husband, all of your energies are welcome to create a World of Peace; a World Soul as you light a bright white candle! Send that energy forth and with all the power that you have within your very being, say the words within your heart for Peace. This is the greatest work of all; this is a formidable crystal energy, a battery created with Love which is the Highest Magic of all! Imagine it radiating throughout the Universe! See it, believe it, create it, do it and you will achieve it NOW! The word “NOW” spelled backwards is “WON”; let us all join and win as now civilization will win! Bring it forward this day and in the Heart of the Great Mother you will stay! Create that energy and never let it stop! The lighting of the candle; the lighting of the Light that will make the world right! You have the power each and every hour, to do your will in the Great Cosmic Force of creation! See it glow within you, do this and I will be there with you! Will you be there with me? Let this Universe at last be free! Blessed be between thee and me from now to all eternity! I Remain, Reverend Lori Bruno Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church and Magika Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
Posted on: Sat, 10 May 2014 22:17:12 +0000

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