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I cant completely verify, but Ive heard rumors of some states that have made rain water harvesting illegal. Ive also heard rumors of potential attempts to make non registered farms illegal as well, even if its just fruit and veggies for you and your family. This may not be a solid, concrete assault, but the idea of it is rather concerning. Why do they want to prevent us from self reliance? Perhaps the concerns arent FEMA camps, or the like, at all. Perhaps its being forced to eat and drink only what they provide? Perhaps its being punished for not needing them? After all, if we can operate as unit; feed ourselves what good are they? Those of us who dont buy into it are their true enemy. Theyve already labeled veterans as domestic terrorists, they have gun ban lists with names of those who have survived the bloodiest of battles. Strip the beast of its teeth, rob it of its means to nourish itself and it only has two options: conform or die. Scary, if you ask me. Why did they stop vaccinations for anthrax and small pox if theyre so worried about a biological terrorist attack. They only have enough vaccine for 1/3 of the country in the event of such a horrid incident... why? Food for thought, end rant.
Posted on: Sun, 30 Mar 2014 01:10:36 +0000

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