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I commented on a post of James whartons here are the replys: From james Sorry but I send thousands of letters and targeted leaflets for residents for the gypsy sites (not sure what town council did) and was the first to address Tristar site over 5 years ago. Town council does some great stuff in Thornaby and I often praise them in my leaflets but your posts are just inaccurate so I deleted them. From me Do u live In Thornaby From James Nope, Eagleacliffe From me Move to Thornaby then and maybe u can see half the chap that Thornaby south has to deal with I can guarantee you wont be representing Thornaby next year u cant even turn up to resident meetings at South Thornaby after residents have requested you to attend From James Haha, I go to Thornaby a lot dont worry. You know you will get far more out of people being polite- even where you might disagree- than being like this. Anyway if you ever actually need my help with anything you know where to find me :) From me So u find it funny not so sure the people of Thornaby will. From James What do I find funny? No actually Ill end this here as you are unnecessarily rude and confrontational. Thanks. From me Far front it James u used the words haha, not me From james I was trying to make light of your confrontational tone in the hope you might be a bit more reasonable and, well, might even realise you are talking to a person. I do my best for Thornaby and the other areas I represent. Thats doesnt mean everyone always agrees with me but where they dont I am polite to then and should expect the same back. Dont know how many mps engage with people as directly as I am trying to do but conversations like this underline why sadly most dont bother. As I say if you ever actually need me you know where I am, if you just want to have a go and get your facts wrong as on the posts you made, dont feel the need. I was not confrontational at all I just disagreed with a post he had put on Labour Defford does not have my vote
Posted on: Thu, 07 Aug 2014 14:20:44 +0000

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