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I embroider on a machine. I buy most of my designs from designers because I cannot afford software to design my own. The software runs thousands of dollars~ and digitizers are a rare breed. They can manually or auto-punch a font. I MUCH prefer someones designs if they have been manually or by hand punched. This is a VERY time consuming and extensive process. One of my favorite designers is Sonia Showalter Designs, and she does some of the MOST beautiful designs EVER. Sonia posted a few hours ago that another designer has now posted something she created and holds a copyright on for sale on their site. Unfortunately this company is located in NC and is in Apex NC and goes by the name Apex Embroidery designs and fonts. Here is a link to their page. It is MY opinion they are thieves. According to Sonia this is happening to other designers too with this business. THAT is WRONG! Stealing is a SIN! And claiming something is yours when you have NOT created this, well, is just downright disgusting! I am embarrassed to even live in the same state. PLEASE if you are a member of their fan page or have purchased from them, please consider boycotting them. Here is a link to their site! apexembdesigns/
Posted on: Fri, 16 Jan 2015 00:31:46 +0000

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