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I have been reading Eat Move Sleep - and it talks about how quality (uninterrupted) sleep is more important than the number of hours spent in bed. I was in bed at 9:40 and read my book for 40 relaxing minutes. I woke up at 12 because the snoring, 10.5 year old pug entered the room. The thunderstorm woke me at 12:30. Two kids were up from 1:10-2:14 because of the thunderstorm. Three kids were up from 4:03-5... One was hungry, another had a belly ache and the third was just crying to cry. The one child who slept soundly woke up at 6:35... Mommy-can I get up? I am really hungry. From 10:10 until 6:30 I my sleep was interrupted 8 times. When I had an infant in the house (feels like 7 years straight) I thought Once I sleep train these babies I will sleep soundly again! And I will look back at these middle of the night moments with warm memories of feeding my sweet babies and comforting them. Now I realize that the more children we decide to have, the more likely I am woken up in the middle of the night... And I dont see this changing. The only solution I could come up with in the sleep deprived hours of the early morning - we are playing a new game Nighttime Mommy Hide and Seek (but they will not know we are playing)... I am sleeping in secret places around the house every night. They will never be able to find me so they will try to wake up Trey instead. Since he does not wake easily, they will go back to bed. Tonight I will be sleeping peacefully (with a sleep mask and ear plugs) in the closet. Tomorrow night in the shower. Either that or I am hiring a nighttime nanny! Any interested candidates can private message me!
Posted on: Sat, 29 Mar 2014 12:58:43 +0000

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