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I have been very vocal about my suspicions of DARRELL ISSA being only a tough talking front man for this administration. And recently I have thrown that veil over Trey Gowdy. I shall share an opposite opinion on Trey Gowdy with alacrity: Candace you may be correct, but I went to law school with Trey and I have found him to be the out of the ordinary real deal since the late 80s. Not that it means anything as far as politics go, but while in law school he was inducted into the Wig and Robe national society for academic excellence. He the devoted the next 16 yrs of his life in public service as a state and then Federal prosecutor losing, as I recall only one case in 16 years. He has dedicated his life to upholding the original intent of the constitution. He has not changed his stand a single time on any issue since law school. He is a dedicated Christian man (in deed, not in words only). What you see is what he is. He just sponsored the Follow the Law Act which has passed the House to force Obama to follow the law. He has been relentless on Lois Lerner and the IRS targeting conservative groups and is committed to get to the bottom of a Benghazi. A true man of action. Boehner has called him a traitor, which coming from our current Speaker is a compliment. But, hey...we both love the constitution and this exceptional country. I agree about Issa 100%. He has really tied Treys hands because Issa as Chairman of the committee controls subpoena power, controlled letting Lerner leave after taking the 5th at her first hearing even though she had clearly waived her 5th Amendment right. Trey really came out strong on the waiver issue but again Issa stone walls. If Trey ever became Speaker or Attorney General I really think we would see big changes.
Posted on: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 20:21:06 +0000

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