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I have kind of a big of a comment and I dunno how its gonna be received. But Ima say it anyway. Have you guys not ever heard of properly forming your words before you hit send on emails? Have we lost our knowledge of what it means to have a little tact? While I appreciate all of the outpouring of emails in support of my new journey and change, Im curious about one thing: How do you guys expect me to respond, if at all, to your emails that start off mean spirited but get cleaned up AFTER Im tired of reading of your (former) contempt for me? Dear Jia, I used to couldnt stand you. You made me sick. I used to follow you on Twitter and was your friend on Facebook. But I really didnt like your arse. Everything about you truly irked my spirit and I couldnt WAIT for somebody to read you down like you do other people. But God is good. And Im happy for you and your change. I mean...listen here. I have admitted my wrong doing and know that I havent always been the nicest person. I absolutely understand what it means to swallow medicine you once delivered in heavy doses. But just as a small note....messages like these will be deleted b/c I dunno what you expect me to say AFTER youve said all that. Is it rude of me to say this? Does it sound unwelcoming? Well, so does the start of some of you guys emails. I dont expect folks to be nice to me all the time b/c I havent always been a likable person. But some of these messages? Read. Delete. NEXT!
Posted on: Thu, 25 Sep 2014 01:56:49 +0000

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