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I just want to take a minute to thank some friends,family, and FB folk who are always either with me or making ROTF. Life aint easy. I am very blessed to have the greatest principal I have known since Alberta Person and God has sent to me the most gifted VP I have ever worked under.. I challenge everybody if I call you to make a List...( in my teacher voice) if I dont mention you it is because I am tired. I appreciate Lil Wayne, Shod Moss seriously, Coquitta Cookie Fleming,Wanda Wanda Mitchell-brown, Isaiah Zooted Brown JaQuan Morrow , Mark Todd Davis, Margaret Harrison David Schandler Rebecca Davis Whitson Amy Stevens Whitley Tondia Best Shree Pickett Amanda Jones Antwan Williams,Sheed lee Itsnitti Mmbg Ebony Shannyboo Brooks Shamyra I Collins Terri Seltzer KellenbergerDemetrias Wallace, Robin Shepherd Allen Al Robinson II Walter Wright, Debi Hyman Turner Silvia Schillinger-Teschner Karen Wieland Shaquille Edwards Dion Naghee Abram Christian Mark Travis Swann Tyquon Cooldude Coleman Kim wheeler Kim Penland James Mwangi Walter James ThomasTim Emory Sadaght Ibn Ciese Kee Kee Gorham Revelle EdwardsDwight Nix Steven Youngblood Ralph Steven Hodge Sharon Farmer Sharif Legette Chris Cogswell Chris Royale sharia Sharla Palmer Christie Delron Skylar CrowderSamuel Camp Nian AveryDakota Dakota Wallace and I am tired Jim Riggle and forgive me if I have forgotten for a moment Rhonda Wynnand Edna Mapp you and all my FB friends and family Bonnie Bullman are always in my Rosary Notin Weideman. May god bless each of you in your own and very unique way Kathy Vossler and Kathy Katherine Byron McLelland and Antoine ByronLovezone Fields.....Please pray for my class , each other and my wonder priest on whom I rely on for strength....This post is real....
Posted on: Mon, 22 Sep 2014 22:46:08 +0000

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