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I keep getting called out on ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE. I like the idea of people getting together for a good cause. But I will never donate to any of these 501 (c) organizations. 50% of what is donated goes to line the pockets of these individuals over at ALS: Jane H. Gilbert – President and CEO – $339,475.00 Daniel M. Reznikov – Chief Financial Officer – $201,260.00 Steve Gibson – Chief Public Policy Officer – $182,862.00 Kimberly Maginnis - Chief of Care Services Officer – $160,646.00 Lance Slaughter - Chief Chapter Relations and Development Officer – $152,692.00 Michelle Keegan – Chief Development Officer – $178,744.00 John Applegate – Association Finance Officer – $118.726.00 David Moses – Director of Planned Giving – $112,509.00 Carrie Munk – Chief Communications and Marketing Officer – $142,875.00 Patrick Wildman – Director of Public Policy – $112,358.00 Kathi Kromer – Director of State Advocacy – $110,661.00 And if you think I am kidding, here is the tax form alsa.org/assets/pdfs/form-20990-20-20f2014-20irs-20sgd-2006-11-2014.pdf that means of the 24 million in revenue, 12.5 went to support salaries of these individuals. now when you account for administration, fundraising, public and professional education, and general services costs.... not much actually goes into research. In fact, this is how all these organizations are run. Its a ponzi. Sorry guys, not pouring ice water on my head or donating. But i am enjoying the videos so keep those coming.
Posted on: Sat, 23 Aug 2014 05:01:21 +0000

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