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I know its not Throwback Thursday but believe it or not I totally spaced out on Thursday so Im posting this for Senile Saturday. Hey RachRiot! Remember that one time when we went to that writing conference and met Phil Donahue and then you posted a FB status about how he came to our hotel room later that and shook us all night long? And remember how that other blogger (or whatever she was) came to our dinner table to tell us that you needed to take down that post because it was inappropriate and she was worried about our reps? And remember how we were all like She be crazy. This is hilarious? And remember how she was really pissed off because you didnt obey her? Then remember how the next day she kept giving us the stink eye and then she bumped into me really hard on purpose then smirked and said Oops! So sorry! then giggled? And remember how I was all HOLY BALLS IM GETTING MEAN GIRLED! IM TOTALLY GETTING MEAN GIRLED AND IM 42! THIS COULD BE THE TOPIC OF A LIFETIME MOVIE AND I NEED AN ACTRESS IN HER 20s WITH A ROCKIN BOD TO PLAY ME BECAUSE DUH ITS HOLLYWOOD THE CITY OF MAKE-BELIEVE? Remember that? Good times. P.S. Phil was an insatiable beast.
Posted on: Sat, 27 Sep 2014 13:31:43 +0000

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