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I look like my dad, think like my mom, talk like brother, laugh like my sister lol... One thing I pride myself on is choosing my own path, taking in loved ones opinions, but ultimately making decisions that are of completely my choice. Ive grown up a lot these past 2 years, probably even more in this first quarter of the year. I knew it was going to be emotionally draining moving out of the house, leaving my family, financing my education, paying my own bills, generating my own income, but Its probably one of the best things I could have done thus far in my short existence. If not 2 years ago, then when? Sooner the better. Im learning essential skills thats paving the way of the my own road to my own standard of success. Im basically half way through a chapter in my life I feel as though i jus opened yesterday. Time flys, people who are actually true to you dont. Im realizing more and more everyday whos really there for me an whos jus temporarily there. Many families wouldnt let there kids move out right away, head to the land of unknown an say best of luck, well be rooting for youu. Even then they knew and I knew the mold of my character is sculpted within, and not my environment. Theyve never doubted my abilities an limits, even when Ive question myself. That being said, theres never been a moment in life where I had to question my familys loyalty. I know we dont all get to wake up under the same roof an fight over who gets the last bowl of Reeses (me of course), but theres not a morning that goes by that I dont pause an miss you guys. Im always looking out for you an I know youre all doin the same. So Thanks pops, for bringing me back to reality and calling me mijo at times when it seems Im slowly drifting to a rocky spot. Thank you, Erik, for being the best role model to your younger siblings. Kassy, for showing me that I gotta be kind to all girls, cuz thats someones baby sister for all I know. And mom, mom mom mom, lol, for bein you an only you. Got mad love for all you😁😜😀
Posted on: Fri, 28 Mar 2014 22:41:05 +0000

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