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I need your kind assistance resolving a family dispute. I was watching a dress on eBay. Value $400. I always enter my bid within the last minute before the auction ends and at the time this dress was ending I would be working. So I asked the second best badazz bidder on the planet, David, to cop it for me. He agreed. We talked about the dress all day. He even told me to up my high bid and agreed to match my high bid (it was a bad ass dress)just to be sure I won the dress. Long story short, He forgot to bid and I lost the dress to some bum who won it for half of what I was willing to pay. I was livid! I feel he owes me a $400 dress for my grief. I told mom on him as she is USUALLY a fair mediator, but she responded with the weakest defense known to mankind: if God wanted me to have the dress I would have won it. Really mom? ! God and I didnt bargain for the dress!! This was between David and I! Anyway....Im right and I should be compensated. I could have gotten a husband in that dress. We talking irreversible damage now. Yall can be judge and jury. Just tell him what he needs to pay and I will accept it in material goods.
Posted on: Thu, 03 Apr 2014 17:17:20 +0000

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