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I saw Alex today. He was again lying on his bed in this claustrophobic hot in the summer van. He came out and I told him, how great people are - from Quesada and also from other places. He could not believe it. I told him, that there will be point with different stuff (we need to agree, what is most important, and what he won´t be able to use because of the conditions.). I will take him tomorrow around 12.30 to cats and dogs Aid shop to meet Irene and see, where the shop is. I told him also, that people will contribute to his one a day warm meal in Redz - he was overwhelmed! He kept saying with tears in his eyes: "Thats fantastic!" He also will keep us informed, if there is anything urgent, that he needs. This is a good start. I was talking for few minutes with him. He said, that he had in Russia nice clinic straight after he completed dentist college. He was saving his money in the bank. He had there quite a big sum, after many, many years of saving. On day KGB came and looked into his papers, found out, how much money he had, and basically took it. Afterwards they ordered him to leave the village, or he will be killed, so he won´t be talking about it. He took all the instruments and material for making teeth and together with group of guys came to Spain to Torrevieja (someone had friend there and promised jobs). They did odd gardening jobs, but in the evenings and weekends all the guys would play cards, drink heavily and started to fight many times. He did´nt want to be part of this and he ended up here on his own. he still was doing gardening jobs, but with the crisis all stopped. Just recently, when he reached the age, he started receiving pension from Russia, but because he could not complete the years as a dentist, he is getting state old age pension, which is not even 200 euro a month. He has a friend, who lives on that road, by whom he is registered,and where from time to time he can use a shower and he can bring a bag of clothes to wash. He wanted me to meet this guy but I was on my way to work, so I promised, that I will come tomorrow, after we visit Irene. He is really a lovely man. He was so surprised about the whole thing. I gave him 5 euro, that I had with me, and as I was driving off,he still was standing there waving to me in disbelieve. He also told me, that he has many documents and was several times in the town hall, but nobody could do anything to help him. He had cigarettes in his pocket, and he said, that now he smokes very little, because can´t afford it. After meeting with Irene and him tomorrow, I will let everybody know, what he will need on regular basis, and what he will not be able to store in his van. At least he will have meal once a day and if anybody would like from time to time go to Irenes shop and give her money for Alex, this will go towards the weekly payment for his meals. I will update you tomorrow.
Posted on: Mon, 26 Aug 2013 18:06:20 +0000

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