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I slowly, built up my resume and landed a job that I utterly hated. 2-4 hours a day of commuting, followed by non-stop, daunting, never ending, accounting work for 8+ hours. 50 hours a week…My life was consumed. I was heading down the wrong path and I knew it. Every morning, I would wake up and say to myself “FUUUUCK” because my life sucked. Staring out the express bus in traffic watching people run. Thinking “isn’t that what I am supposed to be doing?” Something had to give. But then I decided to do something about it, I moved back to New Paltz, landed a part time job with flexible hours, and took a pay cut to chase after my fleeting (running) dreams. I left my distractions behind along with my excuses. I moved in with my teammate and best friend, who is also a professional runner. I put myself back in the driver seat and took control of my life. Now I wake up every morning and say two things: “Today I will train to be the best athlete in the world“ “I will break 4 in the mile, no if’s and’s or buts. It will happen. I deserve and expect this I have 100% belief in myself, my coach, my training, and my legs. Believe it, and it will happen. I believe.” - Joe Gentsch’s Blog
Posted on: Thu, 16 Oct 2014 05:15:08 +0000

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