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I use my facebook page to share a little bit of history every day, highlighting actors, or politicians, or authors, or explorers, or other historical figures or events that I think are worth remembering. So... all the more so, on the birthdays of my late parents, I remember them too, in the hope that theyll be remembered kindly by their friends on their birthdays, and elicit a prayer and a smile in memory of their terrific lives. We lost my Mom a little over three years ago; today would have been her 77th birthday. So Id like to repost the eulogy I gave at her wake, here: Remembering Mom When I was a little boy, I remember Mom telling me that the English language was like my Italian-German Dad – the English language is both German and Latin, the best of both worlds. The English language was either the source, or the vehicle, of much of mom’s joy in life… Mom loved to read – from William Shakespeare to Dave Barry, from dime novels to books-on-tape from the library. If you couldn’t find her, she was usually curled up in a couch reading something from Erma Bombeck, Peg Bracken, or Richard Armour, laughing, and dog-earing the page to remember to share it the next time someone visited. And she loved to write – articles about wine for the Tastevin Wine Society; press releases about plays for the Park Ridge Players… letters to her homesick children, whether in a nearby boarding school or a distant Rwandan mission… and most of all, she loved writing her beloved doggerel – those zany poems that rhymed and scanned, and hopefully made no sense at all, full of puns and silliness. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to get one of mom’s poems in a get well card know the joy she loved to bring. She wasn’t what you’d call a foodie, though she liked her egg foo young, her barbecued ribs, lobster, and escargots… but she loved to go out to dinner, because it meant conversation with friends. She wasn’t quite a Luddite, though she still typed her letters on an old IBM Selectric typewriter… she did have a computer and printer, which served just one purpose: hunting through her email for forwarded jokes from friends. Her oldest friend Denny, her nephew and niece, Mark and Lisa, and other friends would forward her jokes and top ten lists, and she’d print them out to share at the coffee shop or the bridge game. And all those card games? Yes, she enjoyed the cards themselves – when they weren’t two Yarboroughs in a row, anyway – but the real purpose was the conversation, getting together with three, or seven, or eleven, or fifteen other friends for contract bridge. Dad may have been the southern Italian in the family, but Mom was the one “putting out contracts”… and fulfilling them… as often as possible. It was never about the points, it was about good conversation with friends. (though the occasional grand slam, both bid and made, was a welcome bonus when it happened!) Mom loved to travel – whether the short distance to Marriott’s Lincolnshire with her old friends the Glunzes, or far across the ocean to Europe with pals from MSW or OLH. Imagine, entertainment on stage or the scenery of foreign shores, all the while sharing good times, good meals, and conversation with good friends. When I went to college and joined the Evanston Young Republicans, she wasn’t interested. But when I told her that the president of the YRs was also the founder of the internationally famous Evanston Township High School Pun Club, now, that she approved of! Puns were her favorite form of humor. You have to use your noodle to come up with a pun! Mom loved her language, whether hearing it or reading it or using it, because it was the means by which she communicated with her many, many, many friends. We’ll all miss her conversation, her Christmas letters and poems, how we loved making her laugh, and how she loved to make us laugh. So please, friends, remember Mom’s joy, and join us in this celebration of her life. No tears, just happiness that she touched our lives, and that she has at last been rewarded with that glorious Salvation for which she spent a lifetime in preparation. God Bless all in this house. 2011 John F. Di Leo
Posted on: Wed, 17 Sep 2014 11:39:43 +0000

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