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I usually try to enjoy a Sunday morning going to 7:30 AM Mass and then enjoying the paper and coffee followed by breakfast with my family. I cant think of a better way to spend my Sundays. Today was different. It has been brought to my attention that an e-mail went out to a Board member disclosing their disgust with this person and the Board in general. Apparently this individual is disgusted with the school district and so is his town. His town was placed into a predominately Hispanic school district. Then they decided to bring up Ferguson and the case because this Board member discussed her feelings on Black Lives Matter. Now before I go on, I preface this saying this Board member and myself probably wouldnt be president of each others respective fan club. I believe in hiring the best teachers regardless of race and I feel all lives matter. I suspect this Board member feels all lives matter as well, but I confess I havent walked a mile in their shoes nor have they in mine. I hate higher taxes and I would rather the Board and the following Board look at creative ways to find solutions. I think we can find redundancies to get rid of and consolidate some staff needs. The last two entities not running lean are government and education. I confess to being a Republican and leaning conservative. I am however disappointed in this persons response to this Board member. Poor behavior shouldnt be responded with poorer behavior. This individual is serving her community and should be treated with respect. What does this mean? I am appalled that this Board member is facing flack for her beliefs. If you dont like her, then dont support her. However the tone of this message she received was in poor taste. Instead of focusing on her comments, bring ideas and perspective into the debate. I am looking for board candidates that will be creative and look across all of U-46, not just their slice of the pie. 41,000 students need a Board, Staff, and teachers looking out for all of them. Healthy debate is welcome, but belittling current board members is not adding anything positive. I challenge this individual and anyone else who feels the same way to actually get involved. Join CAC, bring some perspective and sell your ideas. Get to know people and work together. This will force change, not name calling. Board candidates, please use this opportunity as a way to have positive conversation and to listen to all viewpoints. Please change the tone because of now I am disappointed. Our kids deserve better.
Posted on: Sun, 18 Jan 2015 18:50:01 +0000

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