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I want to take a minute and thank everyone on my list, Stephen Flavin for transportation when we couldnt go any other way, I will find a way to pay you and Jamin Bradley back I promise you, even if I have to surprise you when it gets re instated....Ill figure out favorites lolShirley Self Gabel Jones Keri Milyn Powers Sue Stock Tesha M Nevin Hannah Nevin Jo Anna Kaye Tripp Cheryl Rigby among so many others for being there for me when I was at my weakest point, Kelly Burroughs Nancy Burroughs Ronda Luft Alex Edenstrom among a few for being the family I needed when I felt I didnt have any sometimes....I also want to thank Michelle Clay for the medical advice and still being there for me as a friend from a distance, I am just honestly feeling so much better about my life now than I was I wanted to take a minute and thank you all....and to the people that have made my life difficult too, thank you....I know this sounds strange, but all the hate, hurt and anger are lessons for me....I have to learn how to let you guys go, and how to not hold grudges, that was part of my problem was letting go. I keep praying every day that things keep this good....my SER finally got approved, which means they contacted ssi and my ssi is still there, just condenced at the moment, if and when I do get paid back, even the people that hurt me might get a surprise, they just have to know they are not allowed to hurt me anymore....but I am finally stress free, and I have all of you to thank for that.
Posted on: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 01:13:43 +0000

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