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I want to thank all the friends and family who came out to celebrate the national release of my moms, LK Alexander-Bedford, book, Straight from the Heart & Spirit of a Mother tonight. My media friends: Eric Stirgus, Nsenga Burton, Norma Stanley, Daryl Keith Killian, Christopher A. Daniel and the mistress of ceremonies, the amazing Ms. Tiffini Gatlin. I appreciate all of your support. Tiffini, you were great. All my friends: Nichole Taylor, Tracey Bowen, TJuani Bell Marks and three women who always support me when I need them: Kanata Herring, Kamela Boyd and Bonnie Calhoun ! And many others. Shout out to our new official family photographer Chanda M. Scott! Major kudos to Chef Deborah VanTrece and Twisted Soul. Your venue and food set the tone for a successful evening. Last but not least my family! Dont need to list you because we all know #familyfirst! Vincent Alexander Vincent Alexander Monica Howard Alexander. This family includes Sydne Denece Hudson and Jazze Pha. Love you all.
Posted on: Sun, 23 Nov 2014 05:21:04 +0000

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