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I was a huge Keith Olbermann fan and as a yankee fan yourself cant believe you would say these things.. Your top 10 yankee list sucks.. no way Arod thats a given, and Mussina was good but not a yankee legend (you even left Jeters teammate Rivera off the list, just the greatest closer this game will ever see)... you can list all the bullshit stat categories to try and take something away from this man but baseball is more then just a stat category... I always say Jeter is a top 5 yankee (no doubt a top 10).. but to reply to you I will list why Jeter is the best ever and why he deserves every minute of his farewell tour. TOP reason, Jeter isnt the greatest physical baseball player, hes fast but nothing crazy... He was the best cause he had Heart and determination, and in an era that will be left with a blackeye from steroids... you never saw Jeter take the Cheap route and try to cheat himself or the game.. he didnt need to hit home runs to be great, he got hits, played solid D, made the big plays and most importantly showed up in the playoffs.. when looking at yankee greats its like comparing super heros... Jeter is the Batman of the group, no crazy skills just a normal looking dude like us, but thats what makes him the best, he worked with what he had. Mattingly passed the torch to Jeter after his rookie year and his second season with all the new york pressure he won his first world series....Jeter is the best cause IF you got a kid whether your love or hate the yankees you tell them to play the game like Jeter cause hes a real role model.... the reasons could go on... all I am saying is go f*** yourself Keith \
Posted on: Fri, 26 Sep 2014 18:55:21 +0000

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