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I was given one of the best weekends that for the last several years I never had; I enjoyed Kings of Wings, Lanny McIntosh and Dave Campbell, Roux du Bayou from Nashville and parts south in Louisiana, Paul, Wade and Jimmy, their shows were outstanding. Saturday night I was sitting on T. Graham Browns bus having an absolute fantastic time, hearing his new roughs from his cd, and let me say the songs were the BEST I have heard from any Nashville Artist. T Graham Brown is personable, entertaining and in his best form and voice. I was simply blown away by his talents. My sincere thank you to Sheila Brown, for her kindness (love the CD) and for the talk and all the memories you shared. God bless you all on your journeys. Big shout out to On the House Band, Curtis, and Monte and to the Paul Boggs Band, and to Ron Ross and Carolyn Hostetler, Melanie Higdon, Steve and Kevin, Roger, Daniel and Danny and to the best MaterFest ever, to Brandon Polley, and the Scott County Visitors and Commerce Bureau. Too fun! Church today was filled with praise and love and outpouring of hellos and how are yous and most of all it made me feel great. Now to really relax.
Posted on: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 00:32:47 +0000

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