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I was happy when I learnt that ex gov Obi visited Vatican city where he accompanied Mr President to see the Pope. Such visit is necessary because prayer conquers everything. However, I hope Chief Obi took the opportunity of his visit to Pope Francis to pray for APGA. I believe, one of Obis prayer points should be let there be peace in APGA. Before Obi left office, We called on him not to leave APGA in crisis, but he didnt heed our call. Today it is clear that our great party is in huge crisis, and these crises were CREATED by Peter Obi. After putting APGA is crisis, he quietly handed over power to an illegal govt and went to see Pope. I hope he asked Pope to pray for APGA. Our party needs peace to move forward. There are over 10 court cases pending in different courts. The party delegates to National Confab was stepped down pending resolution of the leadership crisis. The APGA mandate of Nov 13, 2013 in Anambra state is under threat. Obiano is sitting on Obidigbos mandate. The courts affirmed Okwu as the authentic APGA Chairman, Obi kept parading Umeh in defiance of court position. They smuggled the Chief judge of Anambra state into Ekwueme square to swear in Obiano. After the charade, the chief judge issued a statement trying to absolve himself from the whole mess. All these crisis were INSTIGATED by Obi and in his wisdom he made no effort to reconcile the aggrieved before his tenure expires. I know that whoever goes to Pope, probably went to ask for peace, I believe he asked the Pope to pray for him over his culpablity in APGA crisis. God doesnt sleep, the Anyi Agaba rescue mission is Divine and by His Grace, APGA will be delivered from captivity.
Posted on: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 09:17:57 +0000

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