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I was trying to work something out a year ago. Remembering the coding and knowing that extracts to what the Illuminati had formed in part to their systems from the ancient codices. I did say all the pieces are there and it is just working them out and put into the correct order. Now I realised the other day with the Tic Tac Toe thing and analysing my own art work it is saturated in the semantics and attempted programming over the years the Illuminati have tried to do with me and FAILED. It has come out in my art and not as one by artist expression that has relayed any cohesion to what the Illuminati would want, rather my choices made in development of artwork was always within an ethical construct and actually protesting the very Fascist doctrines stand for. Again, showing through my life I have in my way subconsciously always been fighting it all. Anyway, the realisation the other day triggered in Ophthalmic in Warrington Hospital when looking at the eye test board and I slipped when I had seen the letters ACE and reading them out and the next thing form a split second of blacking out I wanted compulsively and without forethought to decode all letter in front of. I quickly took control of myself and realised ACE must be a command word. I was very upset with what happened and more realisations made of what has been done to me. One the way home, I had bought some Tic Tacs. Normally I would not bother, but out of character and picked up two packets. When I arrive home, as per usual, came on her, Facebook to type my experiences of the vile Iluminati, but went to the work of Springmeier to try to establish if there was any correlation with the word ACE. There is. It is a command word within an equation. I know two of the others are RED an GARIBALDI. I worked them out a while ago. I have spent two years healing after being tortured, raped and drugged for nearly a week in May 2012 and had to escape to stay alive. Anyway, the Illuminati did not get me to accept a deal and nor would I join them, but played them back to escape and did it. I furthermore discovered in that week they hold NO deals secured over me and have NONE with my family. When I was reading through Springmeiers work my eyes stopped when I noticed the words TIC TAC TOE. I had already realised my art work is saturated with symbols and semantics cognitive to the MK ultra and monarch programming and TIC TAC TOE is something specific to a performance I did at the View Two Gallery during the Liverpool Biennial 2006. I presented a performance that was anti-Fascist and Eugenics. That was the purpose of the performance. Certainly the opposite aim in my art work to what the Illuminati would endorse, because the are Fascists. I continued to read Springmeiers research on MK ultra and monarch programming and read this pertained to the Jesuits side of programming. My heart sank when I read that. I was disappointed. I remember in May 2012 a man in robes and from the church present one day as well, but I thought he was a one off creep with the others. I have realised the network to the Illuminati includes all of them. They are all in it together playing the NWO Fascist game. It is ethically wrong on all levels. What I have realised literally in these few moments is another thing in terms of the coding that was perturbing from two years ago. Those of the elite in the UK Illuminati kept saying to me: We will MIT you? The abstract usage of their words on first hearing is to unnerve and they present such within a threat. It is psychological manipulation like most of it is. Anyway, they said this was to do with power, their false concept of it and adapting from the ancient codex. One to them it could infer to S-MIT-E and by meaning we most know in biblical context to strike down. Illuminati to redefine by MIT. However, it is not ever so simple with the Illuminati and they have spent many years devising their detritus and they always like things to have a duality or more in layers to it, both by purpose, function and their perverse legitimizations and lunatic beliefs. MIT thus also to the Illuminati means Mari, Iesous and Tomas. A woman and two mirror twins. If you understand about the mirror twin aspect you will start to understand the histories of why the Illuminati and the likes of them by misappropriation and misconception started to reverse things in many modes and ideologies attached to this. It is more complicated than that and history itself with re-interpretation over time, geography and more has itself kept reshaping everything to as we know it all now and the same applies as well to the misinterpretation devised by the Illuminati therein. It explains why they have NONE it correct in terms of the codices. Putting that subject to one side for the moment. The MIT when it was said to me perturbed me and I exclaimed to the Illuminati why do you keep saying MIT. It was not in the order of MIT. After escaping over the past two years I kept returning to this part of what they said and the code it meant for them. As said, they shift things around. To me it was wrong and I can not explain why it felt wrong in the order of the letter, but it did. I sat and tried to understand within myself why did the order of the letters seem important. Was it a key code for the codices in any way or something else. That was not important to my deliberations, because I had to establish why it concerned me about the order of the initials M - I - T. I would like to say thank you to the Jesuits, because as said all this interrelates and in more way than people realise an I have discovered much by analysis and research to the order events, the concepts of the ideologies applied and the nature of how such would have been read, adapted, edited and similar for purpose to the likes of the Illuminati. Furthermore, understanding comparatives in methods cross over to sequencing and if not more so to much of this and those who have devised it, their own inclinations and psychology to be very evident in that method they have chosen. Even if on first analysis it seems not the mark of each mentality and their background that shapes their choices their to be found and seen. It is just a case of looking and dissecting the layers back. So, to the MIT. The order of it was wrong to me. Understanding what I do and that the Jesuits are involved and would have preferred them not to be, but they are and as such they had a turn on me as well. I know that now. That is not important in these contemplations here though. It is realising the coding on something and by predispositions shaping the coding and on equal nature to shape outcomes of other aspect. The Jesuits applied TIC TAC TOE to their programming. Now these are religious men and the phrase you would on first consideration think holds no correlation. That is until you know a little about the ancient hidden codices and I do and using that as a kick start, apply the said psychological patterns that are relayed by nature unwittingly then what can read within the TIC TAC TOE is firstly to discern what he three parts relate to. TIC = IC = Iesous, TAC = AC (13 > M) Mari, TOE = TO = Tomas. Without the Jesuits realising they have given unwittingly the order, the correct order, of their names to the ancient codices from 2000 years ago. IMT. I still do not know what his for and to me irrelevant, but that is it to the ancient codices. I could be wrong, but then again I have been pretty on the mark with most of this. Another aspect of the original ancient codices. The M was turned to be Σ. Thus, IMT is read like IΣT. If we pronounce it would sound IST. IST decoded as a word is WIFE. Looking at the TIC TAC TOE now and decoding that. Most, not always, b Variation on decoding: T(IC) T(AC) T(OE) ICACOE and understanding it the Jesuits to apply possibly Latin to this and allowing for variables accounting for historical shaping of linguistics and additionally ideological grammatical components (i.e., Latin, Hebrew, Aramaic, Hellenistic Greek and others where applicable). IC A COE = IC from Heavens. IC being variation of Iesus Christo or something to them. T(I)C T(A)C T(O)E IAO = YAHU, YAHWEH or YHWH = God (TI)C (TA)C (TO)E TI TA TO = ING = NT = CING = KING King, King of the Jews (Christian Bible) If you take TITATO in Greek … means Buzzwords and much of the play is on words and coding. (T)IC (T)AC (T)OE TTT not too sure of, but could pertain to TOTUS TUUS, but there is a third T. That may pertain to the notions of coding by the Jesuits as TRINITY. Totus Tuus was Pope John Paul IIs apostolic motto. It is a Latin phrase meaning totally yours and expressed his personal Consecration to Mary based on the spiritual approach of Saint Louis de Montfort and the Mariology in his works.[1] The pontiff explained the meaning further in his book Crossing the Threshold of Hope where he defines it as not only an expression of piety but also of devotion that is deeply rooted in the Mystery of the Blessed Trinity CCE = Magic / miracles CE assumed to Christ again. Latin CC can mean Causa Cognita meaning known cause or cause of learning. Coding is shaped by linguistics, the psychology and cultures therein of the set group. The selection of new names as well from icons who were Saints or similar for Pope I think there is a reason attached to that maybe to do with the brothers, Iesous and Tomas (Didymus). There is a lot of this were denominations are to take others names and reversal as well. I do not understand it fully, but analysing it all. Pope Saint John Paul II (Latin: Ioannes Paulus II), born Karol Józef Wojtyła (Polish: [ˈkarɔl ˈjuzɛf vɔjˈtɨwa]; 18 May 1920 ‒ 2 April 2005). Pope Benedict XVI (Latin: Benedictus XVI; born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger; German pronunciation: [ˈjoːzɛf ˈalɔʏzjʊs ˈʁatsɪŋɐ]; on 16 April 1927) was pope of the Catholic Church, having served from 2005 until his resignation in 2013. Pope Francis (Latin: Franciscus; Italian: Francesco; born Jorge Mario Bergoglio,[b] 17 December 1936) I am wondering if the US Illuminati had an input to the naming of the Popes in these recent turns. They are all obsessed with coding. All of them. Even Royalty, fraternal and the lot of them. Even secret services use the same methods when spying. Personally, I find them all weird. Normally people when they have something to say it say face to face and not furtively. I understand from history now why cats are feared and the left side is deemed the side of the devil. I understand where that misinterpretation came from in human history as well. I understand why the ducking stool came into play for women in the mid-centuries to test if a woman was a witch or not. If she drowned she was deemed not a witch and if she struggled desperately to stay alive (like most people would) then they deemed her a witch and she got burned alive. Sometimes with her neck broken if she was lucky before they set fire to her. The West have been really bastards in human history. All histories have been. Anyway, I understand why they chose to burn innocent women and cats got feared. All erupted from secrets and mistranslation of ancient hidden texts and fearing the texts some to edit and change them. As a consequence this would give rise to others that came later to assume wrongly an twist it again to politicise religions to legitimise ulterior agendas against people and use fear to do it. I understand why the five pointed star is deemed to the devil and six pointed assume not. If you look at the flags that is a contemporary sign. It was to do with oppositions in nations and religions. Five pointed star tends to be from those countries and religions Middle East and of Muslim faith or similar origin. Six pointed star, still by origin middle East, but assumed to God of the Jewish faith and Christianity ties into. Like most stages in human history there is propaganda and manipulation done and as both side fighting through much of human history past millennia or so, then each side would have deemed the symbolism of their opposition evil and through their propaganda as such. To even ascribe narratives to instil the others are to be feared. So, is the five pointed star to the devil as we know it now? No. It has all been propaganda over the centuries and the redefining of symbols and such done for aims and agendas of religions and politics. Baphomet is another propaganda that came about. Only some hundreds of years old and certainly NOT two millennia old. More propaganda to arise. Most of the icon for good and bad as you all discern them if you went back 2000 years meant completely something else on most of them. Same happening again now where the Illuminati are literally trying to rewrite histories and change the meaning of historical signs and symbols to facilitate their NWO Fascist doctrines. I am bored now and tired.
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